Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fake People

We all know at least one...right?

You know that person who puts on a great facade and looks absolutely fabulous to tons of people but deep down you know they are faker than fake.

You know the ones who can do NO wrong.  The ones who look like they can do it all and make the rest of us look and feel like shit.  But in actuality they are no better than us, they just put on one hell of an act.

We are surrounded by them.  Sometimes they can be easily spotted.  Other times not so much.  And some times it can take years to see the light.

Unfortunately, when it comes to fake people, there will always be the enablers or the ones who validate the faux-wonderfulness of that person.  The people who kiss their ass or constantly give kudos even if that person doesn't deserve it.  It's kind of sad and messed up.

And kind of hard to understand why this is.  A lot of times I just sit there shaking my head at the ridiculousness of it all.  Shake me head at the people who completely fall for the bullshit.

I myself have fallen victim to fakery, more than once I hate to admit.  But when my eyes fully open and finally see the truth, it's quite liberating.

I don't need or want fake-ass people in my life.  I'm 41 years-old...I'm done with this shit!

- Heather

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