Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The New Chair!

Okay the title is lame and doesn't exactly invoke the overwhelming need to find out why I would be writing about a chair.  But it's not just any chair, it's a 'new' chair for my desk.

And with this new desk chair, I am banking on it making me super comfortable and inspiring me to finish my novel. (I look for inspiration from A LOT of sources)

The reason for the chair is because for the last year, I've been sitting on a folding chair to write.  When I bought a desk for the bedroom, I neglected to get a chair with it.  So for awhile I was using a chair from our dining room set, then switched to a folding chair.  I have no clue why I didn't buy a new chair sooner, I'm guessing I just got so used to the folding one that I didn't think much about it.

That is until I was at Staples the other night.  We were actually there to buy my son a chair for a desk in his room.  And as I perused the various models, I found myself really liking and really wanting one for myself.

So I got one. And I ended up putting it together all by myself.  My husband is a carpenter and could have easily have done it for me, but sometimes I'm stubborn (okay I'm stubborn ALL the time) and wanted to prove I could do it.  Which honestly makes the chair all the more special, the fact I got it together without any help.

But the best thing is, I have a nice, comfy chair to sit on while I'm writing.

So the big question I working on the book?  The answer is a shocking...YES!!!

- Heather

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