Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

So 2012 is coming to an end and how am I spending New Year's eve?  At home...sick!

I've been battling a nasty sinus infection since the night of Christmas.  And because I knew I didn't want to be sick for New Year's, I immediately got myself an antibiotic the very next day.  Well, unfortunately this strain of sinusitis is being a major bitch and completely resistant the antibiotic.

Years ago I was plagued with one sinus infection after another, to the point where I needed endoscopic sinus surgery to remove numerous polyps and cysts that rudely took refuge in my nasal cavity.  The surgery was done a long time ago, in 1994.  And since, my sinus issues have been hit or miss.  One year I may have four to five infections while others like this past year I may only have one or two.  So I really can't complain.

However, this particular infection has been brutal.  It knocked me down like a flu without being an actual flu. And since I refuse and NEVER get an influenza vaccination, thank god it's not the flu, cause then I would never hear the end of how I should have gotten the shot.

Anyway, our son is going to a New Year's Eve party at one of his friend's and me and the hubs were supposed to attend a low-key but always FUN time at my cousin's house.  Where we would have been treated to a fine Italian cuisine, courtesy of my cousin and her hubby.

I was really looking forward to going. *sigh*

But instead we will be staying home.

Sure hope 2013 begins on a better note than the way I'm finishing 2012.  (keeping the fingers crossed)

Hope everyone has a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

- Heather

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  1. Aaaawwww, feel better soon. Hope you have a great New Year. Love you, Aunt Jan.