Friday, December 14, 2012

Hopelessly Distracted

I should just begin this post with a big old *sigh* cause that's how I'm feeling at the moment.

My goal was to finish my novel by the end of this year.  And here it is December 14th, 2012 and there is no way I will be done with it.  But anyone who knows me will not be too shocked by this honest disclosure.

So what happened?

Let's see, in my previous post I wrote about my Kabuki room, so you know I decided to paint (which also included a hallway and stairwell).  This process took a few days, being that I'm not a professional painter.  It takes me a whole day just to tape. And I'm a very messy painter and have various articles of clothing that can attest to that.  In fact, I have a couple pairs of pants that if you look closely enough, you can see every color that I have painted with in the last ten years.  The paint on the clothing also proves that no matter how much plastic or cloths I put down, I still manage to get paint on the carpets and floors. This recent experience cost me my fave sneakers too.  Stupid me just knew painting in them was a huge mistake but NO...I told myself I'd be careful.  Well, in typical Three Stooges or Lucille Ball fashion, I stepped off the ladder and put my foot right into the pan filled with Kilz primer.  If anyone has used that shit, you know it's thick and hard to remove from things other than walls.  So unfortunately, my sneakers met a terminal fate as even the washer machine was no match for Kilz.  :(

Anyway, painting was time consuming and then tack on another day or two for redecorating.  Both took me right out of writing mode. Hell I didn't even turn my computer on...yeah NOT GOOD!

Next distraction is the holiday season. Not that I've been out shopping much, but it just feels my mind is preoccupied with it.

Or maybe it's just preoccupied in general.  Hmmmmm....wouldn't be the first time.

For my own sanity and possible those around me, I must set another deadline.  Even though I'm the only one concerned on whether or not it's completed, putting a date out there helps get me motivated again.

So here it deadline is January 31, 2013.

- Heather

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