Wednesday, November 7, 2012

$36.00 Boxer Shorts...SAY WHAT?

This past Sunday I was at Kohl's, taking full advantage of their massive sales and rewarding Kohl's Cash.  Which usually their deals are hard to beat.

So you can imagine my surprise while at the register, I was informed that a 4-pack of Hanes Classics Men's Woven Printed Boxers with Comfort Flex Waistband rang up as $36.00, I did a serious double take.  Even with my 15% off coupon, I was convinced the shorts must have been mismarked.  And believe me, I am in no way cheap and have no issue spending money on things I feel are worth it, but this was ridiculous.

I must state that I was purchasing the boxers for myself.  YES...I wear them around the house and to sleep in.  And have been wearing them since high school. Because I'm all about comfort and I think they're cute.

But, I refused to buy these specific ones cause I really didn't need them and figured I could find them elsewhere for a cheaper price. 

So I searched for them on the internet.  And guess what...those suckers REALLY are $36.00!!!

What the hell are they made of???  

I'm assuming its Hanes' registered trademark Flex® Waistband that jacked up the price.  But still $36.00 for 4 pairs of boxers is a tad extreme.  Maybe if I were a guy who wore them everyday, it might be worth the price, but for now, this little lady is gonna pass!

- Heather


  1. $36 is ridiculous, regardless of the waistband!!

    1. I could see if I were shopping at Nordstroms, I would expect the prices to be super jacked but not at Kohl's. But its not Kohl's fault either, it's Hanes themselves pricing them that high. That's insane!