Thursday, November 15, 2012

A 41 Year-Old's Senior Moment

I'm 41 and losing my mind.  Which could probably be up for debate that I actually lost it years ago.

This morning I was planning out my day and about five seconds after my son walked out the door to head to school, it dawned on me that he has a wellness check-up at the doctors.  The appointment is at 3:00 P.M. which requires me to take him out of school at 2.

It's written on my calendar, in red marker no less, so how in the world did I just forget?  Major senior moment going on.

There's also a little irony in this as well.  My son Matt's cell phone is dead, because he forgot to charge it. Which proves he only uses it when he's out with friends, so I can get a hold of him and vice verse.  But I digress.  I gave him this HUGE lecture about making sure it's charged and not to forget.  

Yeah well there's my own words being thrown right back at me. However, my son is 13 years-old, so he really shouldn't forget.  For me, it's the simple fact...I'm getting old!

Guess it's time to whip out the Post-it Notes and start sticking them all over house.  Cause I imagine it's all downhill from here.  *sigh*

- Heather

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