Friday, November 9, 2012

(Cheesy) Movies I Love...Part 5

Hard to Hold

Starring:  Rick Springfield and Jane Eilber

This one has been airing on digital cable the past month, so I had to DVR it, being that I do not own it on DVD.

The main draw of this 1984 movie was none other than Rick Springfield, who at the time was at the top of his game.  With a stint on the soap opera General Hospital as Dr. Noah Drake and a hit record, Working Class Dog, Springfield could do no wrong.  I was only 13 years-old when this movie came out and had a major crush on him.  Which at the time, most teen girls did.

Springfield played James Roberts, a rock star...shocking right?  Anyway, the storyline is pretty simple.  Jamie meets a shrink named Dr. Diana Lawson (Jane Eilber) via a car accident and was instantly smitten. She on the other hand, had no idea that he was some big time musician and scoffed at his flirtatious advances.  Why didn't she know who he was?  Because apparently she had no life outside of her psych practice and was clueless.

And I'm just gonna throw this out there, Eilber's Lawson was so blah, it made absolutely NO sense why James would even like her. And I'm not talking about her appearance, it was her personality that was SO boring. Dude was seriously slumming.

Anyway, the two end up having a romantic relationship, even with their different lifestyles.  But not without the usual obstacles of course. One being James' ex-girlfriend Nicky (played by Keith Richard's wife Patti Hansen).  She was still a member of his band along with still carrying a torch for James.  Though the feeling was clearly not mutual.  So of course, she was none too happy when he got his psych on...literally! HAH! But Nicky definitely brought the crazy in this movie, being that she was a full blown loon.

But Diana and James tried to make their relationship work despite other's opinions.  Only to break up anyway.

Spoiler alert:  They get back together at the end.

The plot of this movie is very predictable and kind of thin, but it's just another one of those fun cheesy movies that one can't help but watch when it's on.

On the soundtrack, the song "Love Somebody" was a decent hit for Springfield.  Who at 63 years-old still rocks and performs concerts. Kudos to him!

- Heather

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