Monday, November 14, 2011

Migraines SUCK!

So the stupid migraines that I was able to hold at bay, are suddenly back with a vengeance and seriously pissing me off.

As I posted in a previous post, I used to suffer from migraines all the time.  But once I got a stronger migraine medication,  I didn't seem to get them as frequent.  In fact, if I took a half dose, that alone would keep the headache from surfacing.

Well, just this past weekend and in October, my monthly visits with hormone hell have been almost unbearable.  Two months in a row I find myself bed ridden, puking my guts up, and unable to function.  If someone has never experienced a full fledged migraine episode, he/she has no idea just how excruciating they can be.

I can't watch television, can't eat, can barely keep even water down, can't sleep, can't do shit to put it plainly.

My son Matt was off from school this past Thursday and Friday, courtesy of the New Jersey Teachers Association who as far back as I can remember, go to Atlantic City for two days.  Supposedly its for a 'convention' but lets gets serious here, they are gambling and partying, and who could blame them.  But lets call it what it is, its a mini-vacation at the casinos and a couple days off for the kiddies.  But I digress.

On Thursday, Matt wanted to go rollerblading with some friends at a rollerskating rink (yes one does still least in NJ).  I felt like utter crap, but I am a mom and didn't want to see Matt miss out because his momma was sick.  I could have asked one of the other moms to take Matt, but I thought maybe I'd feel better. Yeah well what the hell was I thinking?????

So I get him to the rink which is about 20 minutes from our house and when I walk in I must have looked like the I just crawled out of a grave or was auditioning for the the next 28 Days Later sequel, because everyone looked at me as if I had just died or was on the verge of it.  Of course all the moms who are my good friends all offered to keep an eye on Matt and drive him home for me.

Not sure if they knew just how bad I felt or were embarrassed to be seen with me, either way, I definitely took them up on the offer.  But I had to sit and rest for a moment before I had to drive back home.  I chitchatted for a little bit, or tried to anyway.  I was slumped over on a bench and was looking more like a drunken slob then cool mom who takes her kid rollerblading.  Anyway, I sat there for awhile then made the trek to the less than desirable ladies room and puked.  That rollerskating rink has been around since I was a kid, so I am pretty sure its seen its fair share of pukage but something about doing it in a stall where god only knows the last time it had been clean made me even more sick.

So after that fun incident, I had to bail.  I knew Matt was in good hands and I told the moms I would text them when I got home (so they didn't worry), because me driving home with head pain and nausea was a pretty bonehead move.  Looking back now I can laugh, but damn what was I thinking.  I honestly don't know how I got home without hurling or passing out.

Anyway, once home, I crawled into bed and that's where my ass stayed for 3 days.  Yep 3 days.  When I  get the BAD migraines, they are a consistent 72 hours.  No shorter, no more...just 72 hours.  Its scary how that works.  I had puked up my meds so it was useless to try and take more.  So all I could do was eat popsicles and drink ginger ale, all at an attempt to keep from getting dehydrated.  Been there, done that before and that's a guaranteed ER trip and I refuse to do that again.  SO I just have to bide my time with the pain.

My poor hubby and son have to fend for themselves and in all honesty they do just fine, but my hubby put it the best when he said, "The house falls apart when you are sick" which I have to say, makes me feel very appreciated.  I think!

So here I am a couple days later and feeling back to normal.  And now I have to decide what to do next in regards to these awful headaches.  Do I try preventative meds and hope they work? OR go for the shots, where I wouldn't have to swallow a pill (to only puke it back up)?  The thought of giving myself an injection freaks me to no end.  Needless to say, I have never or will ever be a IV drug user.

What I need to do is haul ass to the doctors and weigh my options because I can't keep going like this.  And yes I am blaming hormones because these headaches conveniently arrive when Aunt Flow does.  She's a bitch, in every sense of the word!  And whoever called it a curse was right on the mark!