Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kindle Countdown Deal - Behind the Mask

Beginning Wednesday, March 16th, 2016, my novel, Behind the Mask (kindle edition) will be available for $.99 at Amazon.com.

This deal will run until Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016.

Click this link to check it out:  Behind the Mask Amazon.com

If you don't have a Kindle, click the following the links to download a free Kindle App for Android and a free Kindle App for Apple products.  


It's obvious that I haven't updated this blog in a very long time.  I could come up with a slew of excuses, some are good reasons, others not so much, but I pretty much just stopped blogging for a while.  So, instead of me posting tons of separate entries on things that have happened, here is a condensed version.

As past entries as stated and as my title of the blog gives it away, I am a novelist.  A self-published one that is. And back in November of 2014, I self-published my first novel, Behind the Mask on Amazon and for the past year I've been writing the sequel to it, which I'm proud to say, I'm finally almost finished, the first draft. But I've sort of slacked on promoting the first book while I worked on the second book, which I realize now that was kind of stupid so I'm going to get back into promoting the first, get the sequel finished, edited, and make that one available to the public.  

I also haven't given up having Behind the Mask and it's sequel published by an actual publisher but right now just finishing the second novel is my main goal.  

Let's see, back in October I quit drinking McDonald's Sweet tea COLD TURKEY!  For those who know me, or who have read my post about my caffeine/McD's Sweet Tea addiction are most likely shocked at this happening.  Especially being that it's March 2016 and I haven't caved yet and bought one.  A friend of mine said McDonald's probably put a picture of my face on their sweet tea cups, with the caption:  Heather - Missing in Action.  Plus, the workers at the local McDonald's, that I frequented all the time, are probably what happened to me, because I haven't set foot inside of the place since I quit.  Like a true addict, I figure it's best to just avoid the substance altogether, so I avoid the establishment just to be safe.  But I also gave up all caffeine, because I felt it just wasn't good for me anymore.  Not that I turned into some big health nut, trust me, ain't gonna happen, I gave up caffeine, not sugar!  But now when I want a Coca-cola, I drink Caffeine-free, if I want hot tea or coffee I just drink decaf.

In February of 2011, I posted about my issues with migraines.  Sad to say, in 2016 I still get them, but I've got a better handle on them.  Thanks to me finally seeing a neurologist.  Only took me 25 years.  That's what stubbornness and plain old stupidity will do when you just accept something as is, instead of actually doing something to rectify the problem.  For years, I took Imitrex (sumatriptan) when I felt a migraine coming on and for the most part, it would make a headache go away, or at least, lessen the pain.  Except at certain times, I would get severe migraines in which the Imitrex was useless, usually because I would puke it right back up.  In 2015, I began to log dates and times of when I was getting the headaches, and they were consistent with hormones or in females terms ovulation and menstruation.  By November, I couldn't stand it any longer.  The severe ones were coming more often, and when I say severe, I'm talking three days in bed, in excruciating pain, puking, dry heaving, and eventually becoming dehydrated.  The final straw came in December when I told my husband to drive me to the emergency room because I just couldn't take it, and after pumping me full of narcotics and anti-nausea medications, the ER doc admitted me.  He felt I should be observed and treated for 24 hours, which thankfully was the smart move because even after many doses of narcotics, the migraine still hadn't subsided.  I also had a CAT scan done which yielded nothing because I pretty much knew hormones were the main culprit.  Well, the next day, a neurologist visited me and once I explained my situation, she felt preventative migraine medication might be a good route for me.  So, that's what I did.  I now take a medication called Topamax.  I take it daily and though it's not a cure-all, I still get migraines during certain times of the month, the Topamax does stop the frequency and the severity of them. I also have an injectable form of Imitrex so if by some chance, I do end up with a severe one, I can administer a shot, which bypasses my stomach, therefore, I won't vomit the medication.  Hopefully, I never have to use one.  It's only been a few months of taking the Topamax but so far so good.

As I've done so many times before, knock on wood!

- Heather Carnassale aka the Delusional Novelist