Monday, November 26, 2012

An Addict's Daily Trip...To McDonald's

I've made no secret of my addiction to McDonald's Sweet Tea.  And often find it quite amusing.

The workers at the local McDonald's know me so well that when they see me coming, they place a Sweet Tea cup up onto the counter for me.  I get a little disappointed when there's a new worker who doesn't know who I am yet.  In fact, I'm practically a celebrity...well not really but I'm quite known. There are a group of elderly folks who congregate there almost daily.  They sip coffee and just enjoy each other's company.  Well, I've become an honorary member.  No...I don't sit and bullshit with them, but I probably could if I wanted to.

When I walk in, there is one specific older gentleman who always says hello to me and will sometimes joke that McDonald's ran out of tea.  It's funny and quite endearing.  He's so nice, as are all of the group.  Even funnier, when I opt to do the drive-thru instead of going inside, to exit I have to drive right past the lobby.  If my buddies are sitting there, they wave to me.  I laugh at how pathetic that sounds, but you know it's kind of like Norm on Cheers.  They know me and obviously expect to see me everyday.

There was one time while in the drive thru, I was at the cashier's window and there were two cars in front of me.  Not sure what the hold up was but after I paid, I'm sitting there and sitting there AND sitting there.  The cashier, knowing I was a regular, told me she'd get my tea for me.  And that's exactly what she did.  I got the V.I.P. treatment.  Which allowed me to pull out of line and go on my merry way. Pardon the pun but that's just too sweet!

Most people now associate me with the tea.  In fact, I'm waiting for the day McDonald's seriously hooks me up with some freebies. Cause my carrying around a Sweet Tea cup everywhere I go, is free advertising.  And you can't discount my constant praise of the sweetie goodness.  Hell I've even convinced NON-sweet tea drinkers to give it a try.

I've become the McDonald's Sweet Tea bad!  And no interventions please, this addict is fully aware she is addicted and makes no plans to change anytime soon.

- Heather

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Breaking Amish: The End!

A few weeks ago, I sheepishly admitted that I watch the TLC reality show Breaking Amish and I basically ripped the show apart.

Breaking Amish:  More Like Already Broken

Well Sunday night's finale (conclusion) further proved what an idiot I was to stick with this show.  I knew all the accusations and internet rumors, but still found it entertaining.

After watching the finale, which was done in a reunion type forum, made me truly dislike most of the cast.  Except for maybe Kate, who I once called the resident loon, surprisingly came off as the most grounded and genuine.  And I guess you could throw Sabrina in there too, cause she didn't annoy me either...well not as much anyway!

The same can't be said for Jeremiah, Abe, and Rebecca.  The latter two were downright nasty to the host, who I thought did a great job asking the questions most of the viewers wanted answers to.

For instance, she relentlessly badgered Abe about whether or not he was the father of Rebecca's baby.  Well, Abe did himself no favors by not giving the host a straight response.  Instead he was ignorant, rude, and came up with the ruse of wanting to protect Rebecca's baby (never once saying 'our' baby).  But I think he protested a bit too much. And the two of them, talking about the infamous Facebook picture of them holding Rebecca's baby, stating that the photo meant nothing and that they lived in the same Amish community.  They were acquaintances, nothing more.

Okay I can buy that, to a point. Because in the first episode they both admitted they KIND OF knew each other but barely. Hinting they weren't friends and yet there they were in a dated 2010 photo, looking quite cozy.  It's like just fess up already.  The reunion show gave them ample opportunity to admit the truth but I think their truth and the 'real' truth are two very different things.

Jeremiah admitted that he had left the Amish community on several occasions but always went back.  He also admitted to having three kids.  They live in Ohio, he doesn't.  So he doesn't get to see them very much.  As far as his ex-wife's allegations of domestic abuse, Jeremiah admitted to spending three days in jail for something he denies doing.  But his case was apparently thrown out.  He was also a one-time dead beat dad, not paying child support.  But now, he claims he has been paying.

Sabrina fessed up to her marriage and gave her ex-husband props for being a great guy. They just had different life paths that contributed to their getting divorced.  Kate talked about her DUI and how she's doing everything to comply with the terms of her punishment.  All she wants now, is to put it all behind her and move on with her modeling career.

I'm guilty of watching and sadly even DVRing this show.  But I wasn't the only one, cause apparently the ratings for it were quite impressive.

I could kick myself for even bothering.  Cause at this point, I don't care if they are still Amish, were ever Amish, or plan to become Amish.  I will no longer waste my time finding out.

- Heather

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A 41 Year-Old's Senior Moment

I'm 41 and losing my mind.  Which could probably be up for debate that I actually lost it years ago.

This morning I was planning out my day and about five seconds after my son walked out the door to head to school, it dawned on me that he has a wellness check-up at the doctors.  The appointment is at 3:00 P.M. which requires me to take him out of school at 2.

It's written on my calendar, in red marker no less, so how in the world did I just forget?  Major senior moment going on.

There's also a little irony in this as well.  My son Matt's cell phone is dead, because he forgot to charge it. Which proves he only uses it when he's out with friends, so I can get a hold of him and vice verse.  But I digress.  I gave him this HUGE lecture about making sure it's charged and not to forget.  

Yeah well there's my own words being thrown right back at me. However, my son is 13 years-old, so he really shouldn't forget.  For me, it's the simple fact...I'm getting old!

Guess it's time to whip out the Post-it Notes and start sticking them all over house.  Cause I imagine it's all downhill from here.  *sigh*

- Heather

Monday, November 12, 2012


I sit here with my fingertips hovering over the keyboard, completely frustrated with my second guessing and constant editing.  It's seriously killing my creative flow.

And as I'm staring at a blank page, I start to feel like Jack Torrance from The Shining.  No not homicidal (well not today anyway) but the part where he keeps retyping the same sentence over and over and over:  

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

It's discouraging when you know you have a story to tell, but not fully confident that you can actually write it.

Not sure what I need to do to just write without over thinking.

Venting on here might help.  As this blog is turning into my own version of therapy.  Which could be a good thing.

- Heather

Friday, November 9, 2012

(Cheesy) Movies I Love...Part 5

Hard to Hold

Starring:  Rick Springfield and Jane Eilber

This one has been airing on digital cable the past month, so I had to DVR it, being that I do not own it on DVD.

The main draw of this 1984 movie was none other than Rick Springfield, who at the time was at the top of his game.  With a stint on the soap opera General Hospital as Dr. Noah Drake and a hit record, Working Class Dog, Springfield could do no wrong.  I was only 13 years-old when this movie came out and had a major crush on him.  Which at the time, most teen girls did.

Springfield played James Roberts, a rock star...shocking right?  Anyway, the storyline is pretty simple.  Jamie meets a shrink named Dr. Diana Lawson (Jane Eilber) via a car accident and was instantly smitten. She on the other hand, had no idea that he was some big time musician and scoffed at his flirtatious advances.  Why didn't she know who he was?  Because apparently she had no life outside of her psych practice and was clueless.

And I'm just gonna throw this out there, Eilber's Lawson was so blah, it made absolutely NO sense why James would even like her. And I'm not talking about her appearance, it was her personality that was SO boring. Dude was seriously slumming.

Anyway, the two end up having a romantic relationship, even with their different lifestyles.  But not without the usual obstacles of course. One being James' ex-girlfriend Nicky (played by Keith Richard's wife Patti Hansen).  She was still a member of his band along with still carrying a torch for James.  Though the feeling was clearly not mutual.  So of course, she was none too happy when he got his psych on...literally! HAH! But Nicky definitely brought the crazy in this movie, being that she was a full blown loon.

But Diana and James tried to make their relationship work despite other's opinions.  Only to break up anyway.

Spoiler alert:  They get back together at the end.

The plot of this movie is very predictable and kind of thin, but it's just another one of those fun cheesy movies that one can't help but watch when it's on.

On the soundtrack, the song "Love Somebody" was a decent hit for Springfield.  Who at 63 years-old still rocks and performs concerts. Kudos to him!

- Heather

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

$36.00 Boxer Shorts...SAY WHAT?

This past Sunday I was at Kohl's, taking full advantage of their massive sales and rewarding Kohl's Cash.  Which usually their deals are hard to beat.

So you can imagine my surprise while at the register, I was informed that a 4-pack of Hanes Classics Men's Woven Printed Boxers with Comfort Flex Waistband rang up as $36.00, I did a serious double take.  Even with my 15% off coupon, I was convinced the shorts must have been mismarked.  And believe me, I am in no way cheap and have no issue spending money on things I feel are worth it, but this was ridiculous.

I must state that I was purchasing the boxers for myself.  YES...I wear them around the house and to sleep in.  And have been wearing them since high school. Because I'm all about comfort and I think they're cute.

But, I refused to buy these specific ones cause I really didn't need them and figured I could find them elsewhere for a cheaper price. 

So I searched for them on the internet.  And guess what...those suckers REALLY are $36.00!!!

What the hell are they made of???  

I'm assuming its Hanes' registered trademark Flex® Waistband that jacked up the price.  But still $36.00 for 4 pairs of boxers is a tad extreme.  Maybe if I were a guy who wore them everyday, it might be worth the price, but for now, this little lady is gonna pass!

- Heather

Monday, November 5, 2012

One More Day!

As I've previously mentioned or more like bitched about, these elections can't be over soon enough for me.

This is what greets me when I leave my development:

And this morning when I exited the local Shop Rite:

I am SO sick of seeing the signs. And don't even get me started on all the crap I've received in the mail.  So much money and time wasted on printing political ads that I don't look at and just stick out for recycling.  

One more day and this will all be done.  HALLELUJAH!!!

- Heather