Monday, October 22, 2012

Breaking Amish...More Like Already Broken

Anyone watch this so-called reality show Breaking Amish?

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It's on Sunday nights at 10 PM on TLC (The Learning Channel).  And the premise is simple enough.  Five young men and women, who happened to be Amish and Mennonite, leave their respective, isolated worlds and head to New York City.

I am in no way an expert of the Amish community and won't claim to be. But I had heard about how young Amish folk can choose to leave for a year and try living life in the (real) English world (as they call it).  So the show peeked my interest.

Now I am not naive when it comes to reality television.  I know more often than not, the shows are scripted. BUT I honestly had a good feeling about this one.

Well color me surprised, its fake and not just a little bit either!  My sister is the one who clued me in. She had Googled it and found tons of information on it's abundance of fakery.  So of course, I had to Google it myself.

And what I found was:  DUI arrests, divorces, domestic abuse, etc.  Which last time I checked none of those were very Amish-like.

Breaking Amish Fake -

Breaking Amish Fake -

Breaking Amish Fake -

Breaking Amish Fake -

Breaking Amish the Expose -

These people, who supposedly have been sheltered from the English world their entire lives, swear like truck drivers and toss around pop-culture terms too easily for me to believe they just acquired this way of life.

Kate, the resident loon of the show, is an aspiring model.  But she already had modeling photos of herself, up on the internet prior to filming.  Ummm...Amish have access to the internet???  Jeremiah, is the resident doofus. Who allegedly beat his ex-wife and neglected his three kids.  In one episode he got a tattoo on his upper arm, with three names of his favorite people.  We never saw the actual names, but later deduced they were his children's names, you know the ones he never talks about and never even uttered that they existed.  Way to treat your fave people there Jeremiah.  And then there's Sabrina, the lone Mennonite and pot stirrer who has issues with Kate and has a thing for Jeremiah.  According to numerous reports, Sabrina is married. But she hasn't once mentioned that little tidbit on the show.

Abe and Rebecca portray the show's star crossed lovers who 'knew' each other in the Amish world but NEVER dated and hardly spoke.  Well according to, not only do they know each other, they already have a baby together.  The kicker on the show, Abe was so shy and coy with Rebecca when he asked her out on a date.  A date???  I think they are already passed that point, don't you agree?  TLC duped the viewers into thinking that Abe and Rebecca just met and fell madly in love in New York.  What a crock!

And I'm not picking on Abe and Rebecca but their alleged deer in headlight reactions have become quite laughable.  One of the best examples of this is when they went out for Mexican food.  They 'innocently' ended up at a Chinese restaurant, where they ordered and ate CHINESE food, but didn't figure out that it wasn't Mexican until the end of the meal.  Even better was the impressive use of chopsticks.  Rebecca expertly handled them as if she had eaten Chinese take-out many times before, and yet she had NO clue that what they were eating wasn't burritos or tacos.  I have been eating Chinese food my entire life and I still can't master chopsticks.  While these two Amish kids have it down pat.

TLC wants us to believe these five people are legit. But with SO many reports disputing it, it's hard to take this show for anything other than pure entertainment.  And its not even good entertainment.  So why do I still watch this drivel?

I keep asking myself that question.

Oh wait, probably so I can bitch about it on this blog.  Yeah that's my answer.

- Heather

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