Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wild Cherry Pine Brothers - Throat Drops or Candy?

They are called throat drops and they may even work as a throat drop but I wouldn't know, cause I never ate one for that reason.  And some of you might not even know what I'm talking about. Especially if you were born after 1985.  


Because for many years, they weren't available.  My Dad always had them back in the late 70's and early 80's.  They came in a small red box and were labeled as Wild Cherry softish throat drops. My Dad would kindly share them with me and my sister, and me being a little kid, I thought they were candy.  Each box had about 15 drops inside.  And my Dad could make one drop last an hour, I on the other hand, could down an entire box in seconds flat. 


But sadly, this tasty 'treat' suddenly disappeared. Years of searching the internet and obscure places, turned up bupkiss. 

Until about a year and a half ago, when my mom found a website called OldTimeCandy.com, who shockingly sold Wild Cherry Pine Brothers.  That was a serious NO FREAKIN' WAY moment.  My inner child instantly emerged and I couldn't order them fast enough.  And they weren't exactly cheap, but so worth the price.  The downside, they had to be shipped, so I had to wait for them.  Impatiently I might add.

Check out this link to the Pine Brother's official website for the whole story explaining how and why they returned.  

About a year ago, CVS Pharmacies began selling the Wild Cherry Pine Brothers in their stores. Jackpot!!!  There are a few CVS's where I live and I tend to buy out all of their supplies. Can you say addicted much?  Here in New Jersey, the little plastic puck containers that they now come in, cost $3.59 each.  Each puck contains 26 of those delectable chews.  They also come in bagged versions which hold 32 for the same price as the puck.  And you might be thinking, does the difference of 6 PB's (as my sister and I affectionately call them) really matter.  To that I reply, hell yes!  BUT the bags are harder to come by, so the pucks are suffice in a pinch. 

In fact, my sister and I (when we first discovered CVS carried them), used to text each other when we'd score a few bags at one particular CVS location.  Because there were many times I'd go to buy some and they'd be sold out.  I had to ask the manager when their shipments came in because it was obvious there was someone like me who was scarfing them up too.  The one thing CVS does do (if you have a CVS store card) is they email coupons such as 25% off and give out CVS rewards where you basically shop for free. Which I know the 'free' is debatable, cause I'm sure I've spent a ton just to get a few bucks back free.  But whatever, it still makes me feel good to get a discount of some sort.

Pine Brothers are also sold at other stores besides CVS, though they still seem hard to locate.  They also come in other flavors: Licorice, Honey, and Lemon Citrus, however the Wild Cherry is the only flavor I like. 


Not only do they taste good, each chew has only 5 calories and is gluten free.  The main ingredient is glycerin so one warning I have to add...they can wreak havoc on your stomach, IF you consume too many in one sitting.  And I can attest to this.  But that's all I'm gonna say about that.

The truth is, I just love these little buggers. And just as I did as a child, I can kill an entire bag/puck in a matter of minutes.  That's good stuff!

- Heather

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