Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy - The Aftermath

Now that Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, things can finally get back to normal.  Or as normal as they can be anyway.

Most know by now that Sandy was a major bitch, bar none.  She knocked out our power for 24 hours, damaged a tree out front, ripped apart our back yard fence, and obliterated a pool toy box we had out back.  Granted the box should have been put away, but it's heavy and survived Hurricane Irene so we thought it would make it.  Instead, pool floaties and noodles flew out all over the place.  I guess if we are gonna pollute projectiles, pool noodles is the safest route to go.

Tree split - in front my house

Many trees are down all over my town and surrounding towns but even being without power for that long of time, nothing compares to what my fellow Jersey residents down the shore are dealing with.

The boardwalks of Atlantic City and Seaside Heights both felt the horrific wrath of Sandy.  The amusement piers at Seaside, which were famous long before Snookie took up residency there, were swept out to sea.  I have been going down to Seaside since I was a little kid. Walking up and down the boardwalk, playing the wheel games, playing in Lucky Leo's, eating Maruca's Pizza, having a water ice, salt-water taffy, and riding the rides.  All of that is tainted.  But its not even the fact its sad for me and my family/friends, it's the people who reside there all year round, who have lost homes and businesses.  My heart goes out to them.

Seaside's Boardwalk - Taking Sandy's wrath - NJ.com

The same can be said for Ocean City too.  I know the people who own Ocean City Coffee Company which is located on the OC boardwalk and hope everything is okay.

I also truly hope, that all those affected at the Jersey shore can pull through this. But right now, things aren't looking too promising.

A week ago, any talk of a 'Perfect Storm' hitting the mid-Atlantic states went in one ear and right out the other.  Especially when a hurricane was mentioned.  This time of year, yes we have our fair share of Nor' Easters but rarely does a hurricane hit at the end of October, in New Jersey.  So when the news people were spouting about the potential for a direct hit, I poo-pooed it, laughing it off.  Yeah well, I stopped laughing Monday.

The winds literally shook my house, the sound of trees breaking apart, and crap flying around, kept me on edge.  I may talk a good game, and keep things on the lighter side, but deep down, this storm was no joke and at times quite nerve racking.

One damaged section of the back fence

But me and my family survived!  YAY!

I just hope that kind of weather event NEVER EVER EVER EVER happens here again.  Once is enough for me.

- Heather

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