Friday, October 26, 2012

Auntie Em, Auntie Em!!!

Ahhh yes Mother Nature has decided to mess with us on the East Coast, or more importantly New Jersey.  I'm inland, closer to Philadelphia than I am the shore.  However, the news people keep stressing how those living inland will take the brunt of the heavy rains and damaging winds.

So why the famous "Auntie Em" words uttered by the Wizard of Oz's Dorothy?  Because my house doesn't have a basement.  And when there is a threat of tornadoes, I'm pretty much toast.

We only have a downstairs closet as our place of refuge. Which is such a joke. That closet is small, filled with food, and any other crap that I don't want seen or room for.  So how three people and a dog would fit in there is something we have yet to attempt.  It would be taking a clown car reference to a whole new level.

Anyway, a few years ago we had a tornado warning for our area and I called my husband at work to see what I should do.

His response:  "Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye!"  That was his way of being funny and to be honest, it was. Obviously I survived, because the tornado never came to fruition.

In August of 2011, during Hurricane Irene, tornado warnings were going off left and right, but again we were fortunate that none ever hit our town.  Though there have been a few tornadoes reported in locations not too far from us.  But still nowhere near like the ones the midwest folks deal with.  Which props to those people cause I wouldn't live in 'Tornado Alley' if you paid me.

So as Hurricane Sandy is about to turn into one bad-ass Nor'easter aka Frankenstorm (since its happening Halloween week) aka the Perfect Storm, I guess I should hope for the best.  Or you might just see me and my house floating around the sky.

Levity is good!

- Heather

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