Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Hurricane Sandy MUST HAVES!

McDonald's Sweet Tea - going to buy a few of them, without ice, so I have a few days worth JUST IN CASE!  It's my vice and I refuse to apologize for it.  HAH!

Food - this is an obvious one.  Since I'm a carb junky anyway, I can easily survive on chips, crackers, dry cereal, and Ramen noodles.  If we lose power, we have a generator and a wood burning stove, so we can cook someway.  I guess we need water too, which we have so we're good there.

Food & Treats for Missy (my puppy) - all stocked there.  Cause she's the diva who never goes without being pampered, hurricane or no hurricane, this pup lives high on the hog!

Electronics - this includes iPhone, iPods, iTouches, iPad, and family member's phones.  If I have no internet access or wifi, I will at least have it through the iPhone.  Which in a pinch can be charged in my truck.  I can't be without music, so thankfully I have enough devices that should be suffice for a couple of days.  Oh...phones are good in case of an emergency too!  LOL!

Notebooks - I have an abundant supply of composition notebooks that I have accumulated over the past few years.  I have them stored everywhere and take one everywhere I go. Never know when the urge to write will arise.  So if my Mac Book dies out on me, I have no excuse not to write.  Unless of course I no longer have a house to actually write in!  It's good to have a great sense of ALL situations!  

Just a 'few' of my notebook collection! 

Migraine meds - as a sufferer from these horrible and debilitating annoyances, having my Imitrex is a MUST!  And come to think of it, my Medco shipment hasn't come yet, so yup I'm screwed there.  I have one pill left.  Mail already came today, no mail on Sunday and Monday is the Hurricane.  New Jersey's governor has already issued a state of emergency, so yup I'm REALLY screwed.  Oh well, crack it up to yet another life lesson learned.  

Candles - I have got tons of those (matches and/or lighters too).  Flashlights and a rechargeable camping lantern help as well.  

To those who will be riding out and dealing with Hurricane Sandy along with me, please STAY SAFE and try to make the best of this pain-in-the-ass situation. 

Keeping the fingers crossed! 

- Heather

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