Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's a New Year!!!

Happy 2014!!!!

I know I haven't updated this in MONTHS as the last post on here was from my birthday at the end of May.  Yikes!  That's bad blogging on my part.  My apologies!

But I can honestly say, I've been busy trying to finish up that infamous novel that I've been writing for YEARS!

And can FINALLY declare that I have completed my first draft!  YAY!!!!!

I finished it at the end of November but held off making an official announcement until I felt confident enough to do so.

The final length of the first draft was a staggering 133,575 words and 226 pages.  Which after much research on first novels do's and dont's, that was way too large.  It definitely needed major trimming. So, I managed to cut it down to 128,596 words and 223 pages.  Which was still too big but decided to print it out and allow my husband (who has patiently waited) to be the first person to read it.  He's an admitted non-reader so wasn't sure how that was going to go but he got through it and liked it.  Of course this is my hubby so I highly doubt he was going to tell me it sucked!

A few other people close to me have read it and given me their honest critique.  And the consensus has been a positive thumbs up.  So that gave me the confidence to go ahead and try to put the story out there.

I'm currently working on the 2nd draft and have gotten the count down to 124,342 words and 217 pages.  Apparently, a first novel should be between 70,000 and 120,000 words unless it's Sci-fi or fantasy.  And since mine is neither my count still has to come down.  But in all honesty, reading through it again I find more and more things I can eliminate and/or fix.  I've learned that editing and re-reading a story over and over is NEVER a bad thing.

Once the 2nd draft is complete, my next step is to have a professional editor edit it for me.  I've been mulling over the idea of self-publishing it on Amazon while seeking an actual publisher at the same time.  But not going to jump ahead of myself.  Taking things one step at a time.

I want to thank my family and friends who have given me 100% support in writing this novel.  Without their encouragement and faith, I don't think I would have ever finished it.

- The Delusional Novelist